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Generate Invoice on GeM

The seller must generate invoices for the orders they receive on GeM in the stipulated time frame to avoid penalty or being account disabled.

You must generate your own invoice as you do for all orders (in Tally, Busy or Excel).


Once an invoice is generated, it cannot be changed.

Steps to generate invoices on GeM

  1. Log in to your GeM Seller Account and go to the orders tab
  2. Click on View Details

View Order Details

  1. Click on Generate
  2. Upload and enter invoice details

Upload Invoice

  1. Upload E-way bill (if applicable)
  2. Enter product(s) details

Product Details

  1. Click on Preview
  2. Check the declaration and click on Create

You will see a popup for invoice generation confirmation.

Invoice Generated

Now you need to verify and update delivery details for the same order.

Verify the generated invoice

Verify Invoice

  1. Navigate to Shipment wise
  2. Click on the verify icon and verify with the available method

Update delivery status

Delivery Proof

  1. In the Shipment wise
  2. Click on Update Delivery Details
  3. Upload the delivery proof document
  4. Select the delivery date and click on Submit to save the details

If you generated the wrong invoice, you can correct it by generating a replacement invoice.

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