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Vendor Assessments on GeM

A Seller can Initiate Vendor assessment for the eligible category. The assessment is done by a third Party Verifying Agency

Vendor Assessments

  • Vendor Assessment is mandatory for OEMs (unless exempted under VA Policy) vendor assessment is done by QCI to assess the business entity’s profile with respect to the supplying capacity and past performance / experiences etc.
  • A non-refundable fee of INR 11,200 + 18% GST is charged by QCI for Vendor Assessment of OEM (to be paid on-line through GeM).
  • Vendor Assessment shall be completed by QCI within 15 days of payment of fee and draft Vendor Assessment Report made available to the Seller.
  • If the Seller has any disagreement, it can be addressed to QCI within 5 days of the report being made available to them. In case of dispute/disagreement, the same has to be settled between 15th to 20th day.
  • On 21st day of payment of fee Vendor Assessment Report to be made available on GeM portal.

How to initiate vendor assessment

First, you should have gone through the Vendor Assessment Policy document.

If you are eligible for the vendor assessment, you can initiate a new vendor assessment request by clicking NEW ASSESSMENT REQUEST the button.

Follow this guide to initiate a new vendor assessment request:

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