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Vendor Assessments Exemption on GeM

A seller can apply for vendor assessment exemption if his/her business is eligible as per Policy.

Vendor Assessments Exemption

  • Zero fee is applicable on Vendor Exemption Assessment
  • QCI takes 2 calendar days to process the request

Who is eligible?

Followings are eligible for vendor assessment exemption as per Vendor Assessment Policy

  • Central/State PSUs
  • OEMs holding BIS License for the particular product category
  • Sellers recommended for exemption for specific categories and specified validity period by any CPSE, Central and State Government Departments/ Authorities
  • Sellers who are Registered Societies/ Trusts/ other bodies, if these concerns have Government Representation
  • Vaccine manufacturer as per list provided by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  • Drugs/Medicine manufacturer with "Notarized Undertaking" & "Valid certified copy of Drug Licenses from the issuing/concerned Drug Authority"
  • Medical Device manufacturer with "Valid Manufacturing License” from the issuing Licensing Authority


  2. Assess Me As: Select whether you are a manufacturer or reseller and click on REQUEST VENDOR ASSESSMENT EXEMPTION
  3. Assessment Exemption Criteria: Select the appropriate exemption criteria
  4. Category Details: Select the category and enter the details
  5. Document: Upload the required documents
  6. Submit VA: Submit the vendor assessment exemption request

QCI will take 2 calendar days to process your request. You will be notified via email once your vendor assessment exemption request's status has changed. You can track the status of your request in the dashboard of vendor assessment exemption.

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