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Catalog Clone on GeM

Cloning an existing catalog on GeM can save time and effort compared to creating a brand-new catalog from scratch. You can use the cloned catalog as a starting point and make the necessary modifications to suit your needs. This can help you quickly expand your product offerings on the GeM platform.

There are two ways to clone an existing catalog on GeM Portal. You need the catalog ID of the product that you want to clone.

How to get a product ID?

There are several methods to get a product ID

  • You can get it from the OEM or the manufacturer of the brand
  • You can find it in the GeM Market section.

Simply search for a product name and click on the product link. You can see the catalog ID on the product details page.

Product ID

Method 1

Clone at the time of adding a new product:- You can clone a product's specification at the time of adding a new listing. You can enter the Product ID in the Clone Catalogue Specifications option Learn More.

Clone Specification

Method 2 (Fast)

Clone using the Sell this item button:- You can clone a product directly through its detail page only. Just click on the Sell this item button (make sure you are logged in otherwise you won't see this button). Enter Rate, Location, and quantity. Enter the captcha and save.

Product ID

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