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Quadrants on GeM

GeM has classified its categories in six quadrants

  1. Quadrant 1
  2. Quadrant 2
  3. Quadrant 3
  4. Quadrant 4
  5. Quadrant 5
  6. Quadrant 6

You can search on the GeM Marketplace and find the quadrant of the category.

Categories on GeM

Quadrant 1

Product offers in categories under this group Will be solely offered by Gem validates OEMs.

📖 Example Categories:- Automobiles, KVIC ACASH

🏆 Who can sell?:- Only White listed OEMs

Quadrant 2

OEMs shall operate Marketplace subject to providing its complete list of Open market authorized sellers along with formal Commitment to list and maintain all appropriate and current Product Catalog For pairing by its Resellers.

📖 Example Categories:- Desktops, Laptops Servers

🏆 Who can sell?:- Only White listed OEMs & their Authorized Seller

Quadrant 3

Product offers in categories under this group can be from OEMs and/ or their Authorized Resellers concurrently.

In case OEM has not created a Product Catalog, Authorized Resellers of OEMs are also permitted to do the same.

📖 Example Categories:- Furniture Office/ Lab Equipment's Textile

🏆 Who can sell?:- OEMs & Authorized Resellers

Quadrant 4

Product and/ or offers in categories under this group can be from OEMs and/ or Resellers.

In case an OEM has created a Product Catalog, then their catalog will be used exclusively for pairing by all Resellers without any requirement of further endorsement of any kind by the OEM.

📖 Example Categories:- Low end general products Stationery, Sanitation products, Soaps, edible items

🏆 Who can sell?:- Resellers-No OEMs

Quadrant 5

The Q5 quadrant is a specialized quadrant for a select few categories that require a customized behavior. Currently, Q5 is applicable only in the context of Self-Help Groups (SHG) categories. These categories are created under the L1 category "SHG Products".

The quadrant Q5 is auto assigned to these categories. The Q5 quadrant is not available for selection in a category under any other Level 1 category. All brands for these categories are auto created from the backend. During catalog upload, the sellers are not given the option to request for a new brand. All sellers can only upload as Resellers - there is no OEM or OEM Dashboard concept.

📖 Example Categories:- Self Help Groups-SHG’s

🏆 Who can sell?:- Only Resellers

Quadrant 6

The Q6 Quadrant is exclusively for ODOP (One District One Product) category where only OEMs can upload the catalog, resellers will be able to pair the catalog with OEM’s catalog.

📖 Example Categories:- ODOP

🏆 Who can sell?:- Only OEMs can upload, Resellers can pair

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