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How to Request DP Refixation Amendment in GeM

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In the dynamic world of e-commerce and government procurement, the GeM (Government e-Marketplace) platform stands as a cornerstone of efficient transactions. However, even the best-laid plans can sometimes face unforeseen challenges, leading to the need for order amendments.

One such crucial amendment process involves the Expected Delivery Date (EDD) and the Delivery Period (DP) Extension.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of DP Extension, exploring its nuances, significance, and the freedom it offers sellers to adapt and excel.

DP Amendment

What is DP Extension?

At the heart of the GeM order fulfillment process lies the concept of the Expected Delivery Date (EDD). This date signifies the commitment a seller makes to deliver the ordered goods within a specified timeframe. However, there are situations where extenuating circumstances may prevent sellers from meeting this commitment, leading to the need for an extension.

The Delivery Period (DP) Extension is the mechanism by which sellers can formally request an adjustment to the originally agreed-upon EDD.

This extension allows sellers to manage unforeseen delays while maintaining transparency and compliance with their obligations.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The beauty of the DP Extension lies in its flexibility. GeM acknowledges that sellers operate within a dynamic environment, and sometimes, unforeseen challenges may hinder the timely delivery of goods.

DP Extension ensures that sellers have the means to adapt without compromising their integrity or facing penalties.

How Many Times Can DP be Extended?

Understanding the permissible frequency of DP Extension is crucial for sellers seeking to manage their orders effectively.

GeM recognizes the evolving nature of business operations and grants sellers the ability to request DP Extension multiple times.

This allows sellers to navigate various hurdles that might arise during the order fulfillment process.

Strategic Use of DP Extension

One of the core tenets of successful business operations is adaptability. GeM acknowledges this principle by empowering sellers with the ability to strategically use DP Extension.

Sellers can leverage this tool to optimize their operations, ensuring that any deviations from the original plan are managed seamlessly.

DP Refixation vs. DP Performance cum Extension

Within the realm of DP Extension, GeM provides sellers with two distinct options: DP Refixation and DP Performance cum Extension.

These options offer sellers different pathways to address their specific circumstances.

DP Refixation

This option allows sellers to revise the Delivery Period without incurring any Liquidated Damages (LD) for a short period.

It provides sellers with the flexibility to adjust the timeline for delivery without financial penalties.

DP Performance cum Extension

Choosing this option involves requesting an extension while considering performance capabilities.

While this option does impose LD charges, sellers can showcase their commitment to quality and accountability, thus building trust with buyers.


Follow the steps to request a DP Refixation request

  1. Login to your GeM Seller account using your username and password
  2. Navigate to the orders section and find the order for which you want to request for amendment
  3. Click on the Request Amendment button
  4. Select the appropriate option in amendment type
  5. Select the New Delivery Date
  6. Click on the Submit button

You will get an email when the buyer updates your amendment

  1. Now click on the Accknowledge button to accept this amendment

Now you can see the Generate Invoice button. You can now generate the invoice by following these steps.

You can watch the video tutorial for step by step guide.

Watch Now


The GeM platform's DP Extension mechanism exemplifies the adaptability and innovation that modern procurement demands.

Sellers can navigate unforeseen challenges with confidence, knowing they have the tools to ensure a smooth and transparent order fulfillment process.

DP Extension not only benefits sellers but also contributes to the overall efficiency and credibility of the GeM platform.

As we've explored, the world of DP Extension is about much more than just adjusting timelines. It's a testament to GeM's commitment to empowering sellers and buyers with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of modern commerce while upholding transparency and integrity.

In the ever-changing landscape of government procurement, GeM continues to be a trailblazer, providing innovative solutions that redefine the way transactions are conducted.

The DP Extension is just one example of how GeM is creating an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration, adaptability, and success.

Stay tuned to our future blog posts as we delve further into the intricacies of GeM, uncovering insights that enable you to thrive in the world of e-commerce and government procurement.


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