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Mastering the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Bids

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The Government e-Marketplace, or GeM, has revolutionized public procurement in India. It's a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly platform that connects government buyers with sellers.

If you're a business owner or service provider aiming to tap into government tenders and contracts, GeM is your gateway.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the intricate process of participating in GeM bids, step by step, ensuring that you're equipped with the knowledge and tools to make the most of this powerful platform.

Logging into Your GeM Account

Your journey into the world of GeM starts with a simple but essential step - logging into your GeM account.

If you don't have an account yet, don't worry; we'll guide you through the registration process. Once you're in, you can access all the functionalities, including bidding on available tenders.

Registration on GeM

  • Go to the GeM portal (https://gem.gov.in/), and click on the Register button.
  • You'll be required to provide your GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), PAN (Permanent Account Number), and other necessary business details.
  • Complete the registration by verifying your contact details, including your mobile number and email.
  • Once your registration is approved, you'll receive a login ID and password to access your GeM account.

Learn more about registration process

Finding the Desired Bid

Now that you're logged in, let's find the bid that aligns with your product or service offerings. GeM provides a user-friendly interface to help you locate relevant bids easily.

You can initiate this process by following these steps:

  • Click on the Bid section after logging in.
  • To locate specific bids, use the search option provided. You can search by bid item or bid number.
  • GeM's search function allows you to filter and refine your search results, making it easier to identify the most suitable tenders.

Initiating the Bid Participation

Once you've identified the bid you want to participate in, click on the Participate button. The subsequent steps will slightly differ based on whether you are offering products or services:

For Product Bids

  1. Select Your Product(s): Begin by carefully selecting the products you intend to offer in response to the bid. Ensure your offerings meet the technical bid specifications and other requirements.

  2. Pricing Your Products: Now, it's time to determine the price for your selected products at a per-unit level, including GST. Accurate pricing is crucial to make your bid competitive and appealing to buyers. Once you've entered the prices, save your pricing details.

  3. Document Upload: Upload the relevant documents i.e. OEM Authorization Certificate, Make In India Certificate, Past Performance Certificate etc, as asked by the buyer in the bid document, including additional terms and conditions.

You can use our free tools to generate these documents in a single click

For Services Bids

  1. Submit Your Offering: Service bids require you to provide your offerings as per the bid's requirements. This often involves filling out a provided form with detailed information about your services. After you've completed this step, press "Save and Continue" to proceed.

  2. Upload Supporting Document: Upload the supporting document including past experience documents, turnover etc.


GeM system will encrypt your offer price and store it in the database.

Verifying Your Bid Participation

GeM takes data security and authenticity seriously. To ensure the integrity and security of the bidding process, they require bid verification through OTP (One Time Password) authorization. Here's how it works:

  • After completing the bid submission process, the GeM system sends an OTP to your registered contact details (usually your mobile number or email).
  • You must enter this OTP to verify your bid. This verification step confirms your intent to participate in the bid and ensures that the bid you've submitted is indeed from you, the authorized user.
Other Verification Methods

You can also verify using DSC or e-Sign.

Understanding GeM Bid Types

Before diving deeper into the intricacies of GeM bidding, it's crucial to understand the different types of bids and the evaluation methods used. GeM bids fall into three primary categories:

  1. Bid: This is the standard bidding process where sellers submit their offers in response to a specific tender. It's the fundamental bidding process.
  2. Bid to RA (Reverse Auction): In the Bid to RA format, sellers initially submit their offers. Subsequently, a reverse auction is conducted. During this phase, sellers can further lower their prices in real-time to secure the contract.
  3. RA (Reverse Auction): The RA is a standalone reverse auction, where sellers compete to offer the lowest price for a particular product or service. This format is particularly price-sensitive and competitive.

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Various Evaluation Methods

GeM employs different evaluation methods based on the nature of the procurement. These methods are designed to ensure that the evaluation process is fair and transparent.

Understanding these methods is essential for successful participation in GeM bids:

  1. Total Value Wise Evaluation: In this method, the evaluation is based on the total value of the bid. It takes into consideration factors like quantity and price, making it essential to provide competitive pricing.
  2. Item Wise Evaluation: Item-wise evaluation means that each product or service is assessed individually. The bid specifications for each item are closely scrutinized to ensure compliance.
  3. Group Wise Evaluation: This evaluation method is applied when items can be grouped together and evaluated as a package. Typically, it's used when items are closely related or required together for a project.

Single Packet and Two Packet Bids

GeM bids can also be categorized based on their opening method:

  1. Single Packet Bids: As the name suggests, it is a single system bid in which all bidders who submitted bids are evaluated based on the ranking at the time the bids are opened. All vendors' names will appear in the comparative statement, but their bids may or may not be technically suitable. The envelopes will be opened at the date and time specified in the bidding document.

  2. Two Packet Bids: Most GeM bids are evaluated through a two-stage process (double packet bid) by buyers. Whereby the buyer assigns a technical committee for technical evaluation.

    A technical member then evaluates technical bids submitted by bidders and marks them as either technically suitable or unsuitable. Buyers make decisions and mark bidders as qualified or disqualified based on recommendations received from the tender committee.

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Stay Informed with GeM Email Notifications

Listing your products or services in a specific category on GeM not only makes you eligible to participate in relevant bids but also comes with the perk of receiving email notifications.

These notifications are sent by the GeM platform whenever bids in your registered category are published.

This keeps you updated about relevant bidding opportunities, ensuring you don't miss any potential contracts.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully participate in GeM bids, whether they are for products or services. GeM offers a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for government procurement, and its bid encryption system adds an extra layer of security.

Understanding the different bid types, evaluation methods, and opening methods will help you tailor your bids to meet the specific requirements of each tender. Moreover, staying informed about relevant opportunities through email notifications is a valuable tool to maximize your success on GeM.

GeM is a powerful platform that allows businesses to expand their horizons and secure contracts with government entities. If you're ready to grow your business and tap into the world of government procurement, GeM is your ideal partner.

So don't delay. Log in to your GeM account, start exploring bidding opportunities, and watch your business thrive in the realm of government tenders.

This comprehensive guide is your roadmap to success on GeM, making the complex world of government procurement accessible and easy.

If you need any further information or help, you can contact us.


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