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Bid/RA Participation on GeM

We have already learnt how to find GeM Bids and prepare documents for that bid. Now we are about to walk through the steps in order to participate in a GeM Bid.

Steps to participate in GeM Bid/RA

Follow the below steps to participate in the GeM Bid/RA.

  1. Log in to your GeM Seller Account
  2. Find the bid you want to participate in
  3. Click on the PARTICIPATE button to start

Participate Button

  1. Click on the Choose Catalogue and select the available catalog matching the required specification.

Choose Catalogue

  1. Click on ENCRYPT & SAVE to save your technical offering and click on CONTINUE to offer price
  2. Enter your price (incl GST) and click on ENCRYPT & SAVE

Offer Price


Price offering section will be skipped in case of RA Participation. Only technically qualified sellers can quote their price after technical evaluation.

  1. Upload the required documents and click on SAVE

Upload Documents

  1. Verify your bid submission with the available verification method

Verify Participation

Confirmation will be shown here for your bid submission

Bid Participated

Withdrawing from participation

If you want to withdraw your participation from GeM Bid, you can do so a maximum of 3 times. To do so, click on the withdraw button. Enter your reason for withdrawing and click on the 'WITHDRAW BID` button.

Bid Participation Withdrawn

You can re-participate by clicking on the RE-PARTICIPATE button.

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