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Additional Details of Profile on GeM

Manage your business preference for Startup, MSE and Bid Participation.

Additional Details

Are you registered with DPIIT as a Startup ?

If you are registered with Startup India, you can select Yes in this option.

✅ Benefit: In Bid Participation.


If you choose yes in this tab, you can enter your DPIIT Number and verify your Phone Number in the Startup tab. learn more.

Are you an Udyam Registered Micro or Small Enterprise (MSE)?

If you are registered with Udyam as Micro or Small Enterprises (MSE). You can select yes in this tab.

✅ Benefit: In Caution Money and Bid Participation


Enter your Udyam registration details and verify with the registered phone number in the MSE Tab. learn more.

Do you want to participate in Bid ?

If you are willing to participate in the GeM Bids, select yes in this option.


You will have to complete verification of your tax assessment to participate in bids if your date of incorporation is before 24 months. This guide will help you in verifying your ITR.

Do you want to opt for SAHAY?

If you are a proprietor and would like to opt for SAHAY, you can select yes and GeM system will create a virtual account in your profile's account section.

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