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Bank Accounts on GeM

You can add, edit and delete your bank accounts in this section.

You can add multiple Bank accounts for your Business. One account must be selected as Primary account.


Public Finance Management System (PFMS) verification is mandatory to receive payments from buyers using PFMS method of payment. Enter your PFMS verified account for better experience.

Don't have a PFMS verification yet? Don’t worry, you can proceed with a non-PFMS verified account now and come back to this section later to verify PFMS for your account.


Bank Account

IFSCBank NameBank Account NumberAccount Holder NamePFMS CodeIs Primary?ACTION
SBIN0000691State Bank of IndiaXXXXXXXXXXXEdafterVADLNO00000Yes/NODELETE 1 EDIT 2

  1. Delete your bank account
  2. Edit your bank account details

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